July 5, 2010

my dream team

Pentacon Six 6x6 SLR, Carl-Zeiss-Jena Sonnar 2.8/180, Fuji Acros100 EI 200, exposure f5.6/250 handheld, Caffenol-C-M, 24 °C, 10 minutes, crop 10x10 mm negative size.

The 25 MP scan (3 MB filesize) can be seen here:   http://img126.imagevenue.com

The scan was done as always with a modest Canoscan 8800F. With a professional print service or a good enlarger you can make huge, wall-sized prints.

Cheers - Reinhold

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MyVintageCameras said...

I just found your blog, and lacking anything interesting to do at work, I've managed to read through all of your articles. Thanks for writing about this. I am 'caffenol curious' but keep forgetting to buy the instant coffee! Also glad for heads up that I need to try slowere films.