August 28, 2010

large format photography - Caffenol-C-L

Hi there,

large format sheet film seems to be a little bit more sensitive for uneven development, as you can see in the first image, developed with Caffenol-C-M. I discussed that with Bo aka Fiatlux at Apug, and he did some helpful research and found that Caffenol-C-L finally was the breakthrough. Perfect even development, no more bromide streaks at the edges. All images by Fiatlux on Tmax100 4x5 sheet film with a Linhof Tecknika IV, Voigtländer Apo Lanthar 150. Unedited but resized, haha, original scans must be huge! Landscape developed in Caffenol-C-M, portrait in Caffenol-C-L. Thank you very much for your contribution, Bo. Here is what he wrote:

Hello everyone, my name is Bo and I´m a photography addict.. :)

I originally started taking photos as a serious amateur back in the early 80´s, my first camera was a Olympus OM10 but I soon found that it was a bit too automatic so I got hold of a full manual Olympus OM1 and also adopted the zone system to gain some serious control over my B/W negatives and prints.

I learned the darkroom techniques the hard way by reading tons of books, the Paterson system with the awful multi reels and a used Durst M605, mostly by trial and error during those early years in my little make do darkroom @ my parents house.

Anyway, as the years passed I started working for several photographers as an assistant and darkroom-slave :) gaining loads of valuable experience until I finally took the big jump in the late 80´s and became a pro, earning money on my photography mostly doing commercial studio stuff and interiors for magazines etc.

Well, I grew out of that eventually.. I got tired of book-keeping, discussing prices and other mondane stuff at every shoot, so I quit the pro career in 2001, got myself another job and went back to shooting for passion and not for petty cash.

And here I am today, I have a passion for portraits, love landscape photography and now with the Caffenol-C-L I´ve found a developer that has everything that I´ve been looking for: Cheap, easy to mix, environmentally safe, extreme contrast range, perfect grain structure and a wonderful stain.

Happy experimenting


FiatluX said...

Hi Reinhold

I did an experiment with 2 day old and used C-C-L in which I had developed 6 sheets of Tmax 4X5s, mind you that it did stand in a near full tank with a tight lid for the 2 days!

Expired Ilford Delta 400 120 exposed last winter, stand-developed 40 min @ 24°C, no initial 5 min waterbath, full agitation for the first minute (old film and old dev, I did this to push the contrast a little)and nothing more but a slight wiggle @ 1/2 time to release any bubbles that might have formed.

Scanned without any filters at all, no adjustments in Photoshop, I haven´t even removed any dust from the scans before uploading.

Pretty interesting results in my opinion, check my flickr!

Best regards

jayvee said...

Hi i was wondering where can I buy a bromide? fellow caffenol user here too. I see you got really good looking results with your experiments, keep it up.

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Jayvee, I guess on Venus you won't get it. Ouch, you don't live on Venus? But where?