November 26, 2012

The Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

.... is a project surely worth not only an entry in the link list but also an extra posting. And no, the book is not sold for money to make us rich, it's available for everyone online and totally free by Community Spirit Publications. Made by nine well known Caffenol cooks under the project leadership of the fabulous large format photographer Bo Sibbern-Larsen. I'm very proud to be part of this project. See a bunch of fine Caffenol developed pictures and get lots of infos about this marvellous developer. There are still some minor imperfections of the web design, but really enjoyable to look and read. So here I proudly present:

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and patience, Bo.


cpyke said...

This is great, I started playing around with caffenol a few years back and there was very liitle information about it, and what I did find wasn't put together very well, or explain why things were done. This is very helpful.

Unknown said...

Hi Reinhold,

really nice Book with fine pictures and nice design.

Very amusing to read.

Do you plan to publish it as an ebook or print version perhaps for a couple of bucks?
I wouuld like to have a printed version or a pdf would be great too!



Bo Sibbern-Larsen said...

Well done R. :)

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Tobias,

please ask Bo for a print version, his addy is at the bottom of the cookbook site.

Best - R.

imagesfrugales said...

"Fred Facker" and "Painting by Light", sorry, I deleted your comments by accident. Thank you for your appreciation.

Some people use something like Caffenol-C-M for developing silver prints, but I wasn't satisfied with my trials. Long dev time, low contrast, for my taste ugly stain colour, bad keeping properties.

MyVintageCameras said...

Fabulous! I will post the link on my blog also......

old-photostyle said...

This blog was the reason to start once again with analog photography! Thanks a lot! See my german blog with examples, tips and tricks and some feedback to film and cameras here:

Reinhold maybe we can get in contact I have so many examples for your blog .... Best regards, Holger

imagesfrugales said...

Sorry for the international audience that I answer in german:

Hallo Holger,

vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Caffenol-Blog. Ich bin zwar kein Fan der Efke-Filme (Adox CHS 100 etc.), ich weine ihnen aber ehrlich gesagt aufgrund der miserablen Konfektionierungsqualität keine einzige Träne nach. Deine hybride Ausarbeitung ist zudem sicher mehr als "suboptimal". Flau im Kontrast waren die Efkes nie:

Hier mal eine einfache, grundlegende Bearbeitung eines deiner Bilder

Übrigens funktioniert die Kommentarfunktion auf deinem Blog nicht. Du musst den Kommentar auf Pop-Up umstellen. Das kriegen die I...... bei google seit Jahren einfach nicht gebacken :((((((((((

LG Reinhold

old-photostyle said...

Halo Reinhold,

danke für das Feedback. Den Blog habe ich umgestellt... Vielen Dank für den Tip!

Die Bearbeitung sieht in der Tat besser aus - ich denke hab ich die Tonwertkorrektur und die Graduation nicht ordentlich gemacht :-) Gleich nochmal rangehen...

Viele Grüße