June 10, 2013


Hello Coffeeholics!

Since the disastrous change at flickr many of my friends left the site and moved elsewhere, and so did I. You can see us here now:


The new Caffenol group and my own account are shown in the linklist.

Don't look back - Reinhold

Agfa Copex Rapid 35 mm film, Caffenol-C-L


Nathaniel said...

I have no idea what is so atrocious about the redesign. I rather like it. Sad to see you leave for something so trivial, in my opinion.

imagesfrugales said...

It's simplier than simple: I don't like it at all and it's terribly slow with my internet connection.

photochemical said...


Are you changing your mind?
And still starting using caffenol with microfilms?
Last year you didn't want to mention my blog:
because Microfilms like Agfa Copex Rapid and Adox CMS 20, have dedicated commercial developers from SPUR.
Bla Bla Bla

imagesfrugales said...

photochemical, that I didn't mention your blog because there are dedicated developers for microfilms is all but not true. The thruth is that I never liked these dedicated developers, advertised as if only their golden soup were capable to give good results with this or that film. And did you notice that I posted f.e. about Kodak Technical Pan in Sept. 2011?

But it's true that I sometimes didn't publish comments of people who had nothing to contribute but wining or promoting their own sites/buisiness.

BTW, who are you?

No Bla Bla but regards - Reinhold

imagesfrugales said...

Ahhh, I searched through the old comments here and now I got it, you are Philippe aka Photobladmay at Flickr. Hello Philippe!

Would you please be so kind and read again my comment here:

imagesfrugales said...

Or for the conveniance of everybody, here's what I said in 2011 in the comment linked above

"Hi Philippe,

no, I didn't try your recipe so far. I guess it's not so important to create a new developer as some distributors or producers claim, and another one for every other film. That's clever marketing, nothing else imho.

You can adjust many developers by dilution and dev time to work very compensating, f.e. high diluted Rodinal as a good choice is known since decades for this job. Since Caffenol-C-L is a very compensating and "weak" developer, it is imho very suitable for this job, dev time and agitation has to be adjusted of course. Nothing against your creation at all, I'm sure it works fine. But my 1st motivation is to know how my recipes work with different films. But of course I may be wrong, my experiances are very limited so far.

Cheers- Reinhold"

Gtmatias said...

Hello there. I'm becaming a fan of all your C- Developers with my 35mm Canonet

In my pinhole camera I use a film that you hate (Adox CHs 100). Why? Really cheap.

Do you have any tip about developing time that I could start with?

Thank you

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Matias, did I say I hate the CHS100? Mh, can't remember. Anyway, in general I dont like the Efke films because of bad their quality control, inconsistent quality, heavy scratch sensitivity and insane curling if stored longer.

OK, the CHS100 is said to be a quite grainy film for ISO 100 and a fine grain developer might be a better choice. Of course it depends on your taste. This one is not to bad http://www.flickr.com/photos/lleizar/6891662882/

And of course it depends in the format: http://www.flickr.com/photos/macieklesniak/8602667552/

As always, it's easy to adjust the development for your needs. Negs too dark or contrasty? Develop shorter. Negs faint or low contrast? Develop longer. Just try it, where's the problem? Try with a single sheet or snippet of the film. In any case you have to decide yourself what is good for you.

If you have a usable scale I almost always recommend C-C-L. If you din't need enhanced film speed, try C-C-M(rs) for boxspeed.

Do NOT overexpose the Efkes.

gtmatias said...

Hello Reinhold,

Thank you for the advice and the pictures. I'm using it with my 4x5 pinhole camera

So, definition and grain isn't a "thing" for me. I will use the C-M(rs)or C-M for the start. 12-13 as Eirik Russel Roberts advises?

Thank you!

imagesfrugales said...

Hey, what a nice camera, congratulations! Of course you can follow Eiriks advice, he knows what he's doing for sure. And his (rs) modification surely is a great modification. I simply was to lazy so far to write a post and promote it. In fact, I often use myself the (rs) variant.

Sorry for the delayed reply, Matias.