December 7, 2014

the new old RPX 400

 Hi coffee users and abusers,

good news about film and Caffenol. The "original" Rollei RPX 400 is back!

The RPX 400 from the very first production was a great film with good pushing behaviour and nice grain. Then the emulsion was changed obviously without any announcement. I couldn't see any difference to the Kentmere 400 now, and I never liked this film. 
Here is my original post on the RPX 400 with an update adressing that point:

Many people, incuding me, complained about this inaceptable behaviour. After the new package design was launched recently the emulsion obviously changed again, now showing again all the great features of the first batch. Obviously our lament was successful. Shadow detail is splendid, even with extremely contrasty subjects. EI 1600 is possible. The RPX 400 needs a powerful development to show his best side.

I used exactly the same development as before: 5 minutes presoak, Caffenol-C-L with 1.2 g/l pot. bromide, 80 minutes at 24 °C stand development with constant agitation only for the first minute. And I got the same great results as almost 4 years earlier. EI was 800, all shots done with a Dynax 5 (Maxxum 5) in multi-segment metering mode with aperture priority at f/4, no manual exposure compensation. The subject contrast was big to huge up to more than 10 stops! Only very small adjustments were made in postproduction. Shadow detail was so splendid that I had to darken them a bit.

Credits go to a friendly guy who sent me 2 films for this test. Thank you very much! And thanks to the 2 charming girls who let me take the picture.

Best - Reinhold


Erazm said...

How the "new package design" looks like? Black box with red "RPX 400"?

imagesfrugales said...

Black box with red "RPX 400"? -> exactly

Urban Hafner said...

Your post comes at exactly the right time as I'm currently in the process of picking a film for 2015. Rollei RPX 400 is high on my list as it's the cheapest film available here in Germany. :)

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Urban, nice to see you here :-)

Bo Sibbern-Larsen said...

You´re such a flirt Reinhold! :D


imagesfrugales said...

hahaha .... it's again great fun to run this blog .....