January 31, 2011

sidestep: direct positive paper


I received a message from Anton, who developed the Harman direct positive paper in Caffenol. Read the french report here: http://www.galerie-photo.com/positif-direct-papier.html

translate.google is very funny, but you will understand the sense.

Best - Reinhold


Anonymous said...

hello, did you try "pure" caffeine in caffenol? Caffeine can be found in chemistry web site and could avoid the "brown" effect of tanic acid of the coffee. If any one of you had the experience of this try it could have a lot of interrest. But what is the amont of pure caffeine do we need?
thank for sharing.
" robusta power"

imagesfrugales said...

Caffeine is absolutely useless. It has no developing activity. The developing agent of coffee is caffeic acid ;-)

mire said...

I have had good results with this paper.

I would advise washing between developing and fixing.
I put it into an Illy container full of water and let it soak for a minute and after that fix it.
The paper is slightly yellow/brown at the end.

I suspect that the portrait image above was put directly into the fix - which in my experience gives brown splotches.