February 16, 2011

lab gear

All I need for my "R+D". The lttle scale is the most important tool, it did coast me about 12 Eur and has a resolution of 0.01 gramms. All mugs have ml-calibration.


alex said...

what's the orange thingy in the right foregound?

btw a nice place to find these finescales are head-shops :P

christian said...

Frage - was ist das für eine Waage und wo bekommt man sie ? Meine wiegt einzelne Gramm - da sind 1,5 gr immer Schätzsache... Die Info wäre klasse !

Danke und Gruss

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Alex and Christian,

I got the scale from Ebay, in german search for "Feinwaage". Headshops are another good source.

The orange "stick" is a pH-meter from Ebay and also available at zoo shops. You don't need a pH-meter if you don't want to create your own recipe.

Best - Reinhold

MyVintageCameras said...

I've been meaning to ask, Why Instant Coffee? can't I use chilled day old brewed coffee?

imagesfrugales said...

You are (hopefully) a free woman and can do what you like. Using instant coffee makes things much more reliable, and I doubt that rotten day old brewed coffee will work at all. You should drink it before it dies.

Best - Reinhold