March 10, 2011

sidestep - hot soup

Ilford HP5+ @ EI 2000

Caffenol-C-L with a few drops Rodinal added (1:200 diluted not in water but Caffenol), 1 g/l potassium bromide, 60 minutes semi-stand development, 20 °C, 5 minutes presoak, agitation continuosly the first minute, 3 times at 2, 4, 8 and 16 minutes. Fog is very low, negs are quite thin, lights are dense but nice shadows anyway. Maybe 75 or even 90 minutes full stand would be optimal. Can we gain 3200 with good shadows? Probably not, but 2500 could be possible.


renaizzance said...

Excellent results. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

what is the idea behind mixing the caffenol and rodinal? or is it just a blind try?

best wishes - thomas

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Thomas,

as you might figure out regarding the title of the post it's to get as much speed as possible without too much contrast and still acceptable shadow detail. Rodinal is known to work very good with stand development in high dilutions and some folks have shown before the benefit of combining Rodinal with Vit-C and/or coffee. Of course we are leaving here the terrain of pure homebrewed developers, but many things are possible with Caffenol and adding other adjuvant agents used in "regular" devlopers can be rewarding or at least interesting.

As far as I can tell the speed increase seems to be about 1/3 stop combined with slightly better shadows, and compared to other conventional push developers the results look very promising imho. To get better control of the highlights pure stand development could be the way to go.