July 23, 2010


Fuji Neopan 1600 @ 3200, Caffenol-C-H. First trials @ 1600 showed that there is still some headroom for underexposure. Yep.


Anonymous said...

Stand bottles (Getrennte lösungen)

My first experiment is completed! I mixed up solution for 2 ORWO folms (comments over at the APUG group). 3 bottles of 350ml each, with chemicals for 1150ml finished developer in each.

I set aside 125ml of each mix.

Then I developed the ORWO, after mixing the 3 remaining bottles of 225ml in the prescribed manner and har denoug developer to develop 2 ORWO films. (see APUG for detail).

I let the stand bottles stand for more than 2 days, that is 100 times longer than the recommended "develop within 30 minutes after mixing the developer".

After to days I loaded a tnak with Kodak Gold 200, mnixed the 3 ingredients from their bottles, it was durn quick, as all the chemicals had the right temperature already. I waited a little to let A react with B (soda with Vit C), then added coffe and let the few bubbles suside.

Developed for 20 minutes @20C.

The negatives came out perfect, or a little on the overdeveloped side, but no disaster.

I will do this over, mix 3 one litre bottles of the ingredients, 1000ml each with chemicals for 3000ml in each, and develop one film right away (just mix 125ml from each bottle in proper order), then wait 100 hours, 200 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours and compare results with film shot in the same camera, to see if and eventually at what point the bottles loose their strength.

If I note any depletion, I will repeat the experiment, but with an additive to bottle B and C, ca 5% Sodium sulphite.

When I have that under my belt, I will experiment with fog-reducing agents KbR and Benztriasole.

Off to a spot of weekend activities!


imagesfrugales said...

Thank you Eric. That's interesting. I usually make a premix of the soda in the 5 litre canister of the demineralized water. That's the most time consumimg process. Measuring and adding the Vit-C and coffee isn't a big thing imho, so I do it just before the use of the developer. The coffee needs a little time, so I add it before spooling the film into the reel.

Cheers - Reinhold