January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

May your butts always stay warm - Reinhold


Unknown said...

Gutes neues Jahr Reinhold

with plenty of good coffee

timd said...

thanks again for your blog and recipes

I used your stand development recipe for some photos I took at christmas - shooting fuji neopan 1600 - it worked very well; for example:

best wishes, tim

MyVintageCameras said...

Happy New Year to You!

I still can't believe what a wonderful developer coffee is. As my darkroom nears completion, my caffenol experimentation gets closer...

PitsLamp said...


thx for a great resource for caffenol development

I decided to try developing with Caffenol also. I got 2 problems:

- apparently it's difficult to get Washing soda in Belgium, the closest I got is OXY UNA from Aldi, because if you order it in the local pharmacy it will cost you 42 euro for 250 gr.

- Although I did everything like you said for C-C-L I got some nasty dried up spots on my negatives, any thoughts on how to get rid of them next time.

BTW which formula did you use for the above development? because I was developing Kodak Tri-X 400 with expiration date of 1986 and most of the negs are not really usable, after scanning they are very dark.

I used C-C-L 70 min stand development

imagesfrugales said...

Hi PitsLamp,

using Oxi Una is probably a very bad idea, it contains bleaching agents setting free oxygene. Potassium carbonate is also available at raw chemical sellers, here in Germany f.e. at omikron-online.de

You may look here, also the comments:

Washing soda is available in France and Netherlands, so I would be surprised if not available in Belgium. Did you ask the employees in supermarkets, drugstores ... ? Because it's awesome cheap(!), it is mostly hidden in the shelfs.

Tri-X? Yep, also used 70 mins in CCL semi-stand. But first try to get some real washing soda. With your bleach you won't get usable results. And your long expired film may be dead.

Good luck - Reinhold

IOGDKA said...

Well, I'm at a loss. I followed the directions here and developed a roll of Fomapan 100 in Caffenol C-M. Nothing, just some vague meandering streaks on the film. I'll have to retrace my steps and try again at some point. Fortunately, I'm enjoying success with Pyrocat-MC. I'd like to get Caffenol to work though.

imagesfrugales said...


Here's my "favourite" failure list:

1. winner hands down as you can read f.e. 3 comments above: wrong soda. Only pure potassium carbonate will do the job!

2. although caffeine is no developing agent, decaffeinated coffee will not work and maybe crushed Vit-C pills

3. process related items like to low temperature and some more. Mostly concerns people without experiance in film development

4. camera related items like broken shutter, massive underexposure etc.

If you have pure washing soda, Vit-C and instant coffee and follow the given advices you will get something. Guaranteed. If not..... see above.

Best - Reinhold