June 15, 2011

Ilford Delta 400 @ 800 - Caffenol-C-L

Here's a report from Kyle who got nice results with the Delta 400. Let's read what he writes:

"Hello my name is Kyle LeNoir. I have been doing film photography for 6 years. I currently work freelance as an event digital photographer and film photography tutor in chicago (USA). Stand processing is my preferred way to process film since I darkroom and alternative print or scan depending on the print size. So far I have done 10-12 rolls with C-C-L. I found the results comparable or better to standing in rodinal 1:100 or GSD-10. I am thinking of changing my times to 60min to ease printing in wet darkroom.

Caffenol C-C-L @70 degrees Fahrenheit
nescafe clasico instant coffee
jacquard soda ash (anhydrous)
Vitamin Shoppe C-1000 Powder (Ultra-fine ascorbic powder)
photoformulary potassium bromide ( I used 1.5g per liter)
Ingredients weighted with black box jewelry scale
Camera was an agfa isolette II with apotar lens and metered with a sekonic studio deluxe (incident)
Epson Perfection V750 (no post processing except for cropping,setting white and black points,resizing)

slow agitation for first min (15 tilts) left still for 60min.

Ilford Delta 400@800 was a pleasant surprise. I have never been a fan of the look of this films tonality. I decided to give it another chance while on my local film store visit. The results were better in C-C-L than any other developer I used with this film so far. I got the tones I wanted from the film finally. The roll gave an good amount of overall detail and printed in the darkroom very well. I feel pretty confident that it should do pretty well at @1600."

Thank you very much, Kyle. Indeed looks like EI 1600 is very possible.

Cheers - Reinhold


Rick said...

Where did you get your soda ash and vitamin C. I'm in salt Lake City, UT, USA and haven't had a lot of success finding those two items.


imagesfrugales said...

Hi Rick, many people in the states use Arm+Hammer washing soda and it's waterfree! Also have a look at the last post (infrared), Gerald lists the suppliers for his agents. Cheers - Reinhold

Kyle said...

Blick Art supplies sales jacquard soda ash. Its waterfree and very well priced.

Vitamin Shoppe sales C-1000 Powder.

Anonymous said...

Don said...


You can order Vitamin C from Amazon (Source Naturals Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Crystals, 16 Ounce for around 20 dollars).

If you have an Ace Hardware, you can order on line and they will ship free to your local store. If you don't, I believe they will still ship it to you.

Arm & Hammer® Super Washing Soda (03020)

Price: $4.29

|Item no: 1380013


Anonymous said...

My name is Fred, I want try Coffenol but here is impossible find the vitamine-C. Can I develop my film without ascorbic acid?

imagesfrugales said...

Yes, you can, but the developer has some drawbacks, f.e. very low contrast and a quite strong yellow-brown tint. Not my cup of coffee. I provided a link here to a worldwide seller and prices are reasonable.