February 20, 2014


for my german friends... Don't worry, this blog stays in englisch language. This post is an exeption.

Das Bild kann wie alles von mir ohne weitere Nachfrage nichtkommerziell frei benutzt werden. Klick ins Bild für eine größere Darstellung.
Viele Grüße - Reinhold


Thomas Doerwald said...

Hallo Reinhold,
nur eine kurze Frage zu Deiner Rezeptübersicht und zwar die Angaben zu den verschiedenen Caffenol-Retepturen, beziehen die sich auf 1 Film zur Entwicklung ? Die Angaben sind ja zu 1 Liter gerechnet jeweils.


imagesfrugales said...


Thomas asked if the amounts in the recipe sheet were for 1 Film.

No, Thomas. As you stated yourself it's for 1 liter developer. For other quantities you must calculate yourself depending of the tank you use and the film format. Even 250 ml for the small Jobo 35mm tanks are more than sufficiant regarding the "strength". The soups are always thick enough, even for rotation development.

Thomas said...

Hallo Reinhold,
thanks for the quick reply. I just guessed that your receipe would be for more than just one film.
Yesterday i tested one Film with caffenol-c-l and were very pleased with the results !


Erazm said...

Hi Reinhold!

I just wanted to thank you with all my heart, for your contribution to the development and popularization of caffenol.
I began to develop films in early 2013. My first concern was the issue of toxicity and disposal of commercial developers, so that I came across your blog and caffenol became my only and primary developer :)

Thank you!

Marcin @ pinhole.folog.pl

Bo Sibbern-Larsen said...

I´m so disappointed that you forgot to include the C-C-H(rs)I use for my 4X5s :D ;) Just kidding, but it´s one helluva developer.

Wasch soda 40g
Vit.C 16g
KBr 1g/l
Kaffee 40g

Fomapan 200: 12 min. / 20°

Kipp: 30 sec initial, 3x jede minute.


imagesfrugales said...

Thank you very much again, Bo. Indeed I thought of leaving out the C-C-H recipe completely and adding the bromide or iodized salt as an option to C-C-M / C-C-M(rs). One could even omit the (rs) version as a single recipe. Basically we have two different recipes here, C-C-M and C-C-L, the others are variations of the C-C-M recipe. But of course I know that you know :-)

Capucion said...

Hello Reinhold,

thanks for your receipe. I use C-L like in your recipe.
After development, I notice that Picture is 1-2 Levels overexposed. Is that the meaning of "Push 1-2"? Sorry, I am new to B/W Photography...

Do you have developing times for C-L without Push? That would be nice!

imagesfrugales said...

Hi PU A, try 40 minutes for "boxspeed" as a starting point. Or use Caffenol-C-M (rs).

Capucion said...

Hello Reinhold,
CM-rs worked , Ilford FP4 Plus 125 developed for 12 minutes - the result is good quality - best result yet, at least usable for me ( first time usable at all ;)

I would he very pleased if I could publish my shot on caffeenol Blog.

Next time I will try CL-rs with 40 minutes stand development.

Thanks for your answer!

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Capucion, there is no CL-rs .......

Capucion said...

Haha yeah I mean CL only... was already late in the afternoon when I posted this comment... Thank you


imagesfrugales said...

-> anon asked about fixing and pushing with Caffenol.

Hi anon, this is a blog in english language. The german recipe sheet is a onetime exception as noted.

And what about any name that I can adress you? ;-)

Caffenol(-C) is a film developer working like all others and of course the negs need proper fixing. If you never developed a film before, read a tutorial or book how to do that. You need the basics and without these basics you will surely fail. Sorry that I can't provide a beginners guide here.

Best - Reinhold

Capucion said...

Hi Reinhold,

finally I developed my Shots which I made with a Rollei 35 (Film was Ilford fp4+ 125) in Caffenol-C-L, 40 minutes Stand Development, I used iodised Salt instead of Kbr. I shot the film in Boxspeed. Here are my results:


I used the CM(rs)-Recipe before, but the result with the CL-Recipe is as good as the CM(rs). Both development methods give really nice results - all the pics are scanned with a 5MP scanner in 1800 DPI, upscaled to 3600DPI. But nice anyway :)