August 26, 2016

APX new emulsion 2

Now let's have a look at the Agfaphoto APX 100 new emulsion. Again an OEM film by Ilford, similar but also different from the Kentmere/RPX bothers. Biggest difference is that this one needs much less development like the others. E.g. the Kentmere in Rodinal 1:50 needs about 16 - 17 minutes for boxspeed, the APX only 10 minutes.

And so it is with Caffenol-C. 10 minutes at 20 °C in Caffenol-C-M (rs) are enough, and here I stand developed 20 minutes at 25 °C in Caffenol-C-L with 0.5 g/l pot. bromide, both for boxspeed. A nice, sharp and reasonable fine grained classic bw film, easy to handle with the only disavantage of a slightly sub-optimal halo protection like all Ilford OEM films.

Update: it looks like the APXn and Kentmere 100 are identical. Also I couldn`t see a difference between RPX 400 and APX/Kentmere 400 anymore, it seems Ilford didn`t want a RPX to be better than a Kentmere. I can't see why I should buy a more expensive RPX 400 anymore.


Gustavo Gonçalves said...

hay there! I wonder if it is possible to develop film like B&W slide with caffenol? Have you ever tried that? By the way, great blog and great work too!

imagesfrugales said...

Hi Gustavo, of course you can develop slide film in Caffenol, like almost all silver based films. But if you like the results is another question.

julien said...

Hi, the caffenol-cookbook website is currently down.
Can you provide here the caffenol cookbook PDF, please ?
Thank you very much

imagesfrugales said...

Julien, thanks for the hint. The fantastic wayback machine still has it

Link list is updated.

blah said...

Hello have you ever tried pure sodium thoisulfate fixer ?
if you already try that can you give me the formula and result

any reply would be apreciated


imagesfrugales said...

@ blah: no, I can`t help, sorry.